Quick Scan

When you request a Quick Scan, and the professionals at Aslo will scour the world for the best possible supplier. We have access to a network of many suppliers of particular products or services. When they can act through Aslo, suppliers are willing to offer their products/services at a cheaper rate. Would you like to profit from this network too?


Purchase and processing

After you have made the right choice, you will receive confirmation of your order from Aslo, which will document the arrangements made. The Aslo employees will carefully and accurately process your order.


After the Quick Scan, you will receive a quote from Aslo to help you see the benefits we offer. This quote will include:

- a selection of suppliers
- prices
- supply conditions
- a range of potential purchases
- transport
- customs formalities
- warehousing
- invoicing

Additionally, consult our account managers and learn more about the opportunity to make your purchases completely free of VAT.


Transport and delivery

Aslo uses its own private transport service. This allows us to personally guarantee you the best possible service.